Terms and Conditions

Standard Packages:
Outside of custom orders, our standard packages starting at $247 includes the following items:
– Script Writing
– English language/American accent VO
– Music backtrack
– Premium HQ animation
– Personal Project Manager
– 2 rounds of revision at script stage
– 2 rounds of revision at animation stage

Feedback & Revisions
Your feedback is important during the creation of your video. We are going to go the extra mile to create something incredible for you, but we’ll need the “go ahead” from you at certain points in order to continue with the project and deliver on time.

‘Back-tracking’ Revisions
Once a stage has been given approval, any changes to that stage further into a project will result in additional fees. Video production is done efficiently by following a step by step process whereby one stage must be completed before moving onto the next one. Therefore, any changes to a previous stage will lead to repeated work, resulting in increased labour costs.

Digital Rights
Prior to project completion, all intellectual property, including all designs, storyboards, scripts, animations, sound effects, voice-overs, or other artwork files are the property of Demosho. After which, once the project is completed, the final video will be fully owned by the client on delivery. Project files are not included in the packages and can be quoted upon request.

Agreement by payment
This agreement becomes effective only when a payment has been received by Demos.